Checking Tourist Attractions Readiness In Blitar District, DISPARBUDPORA Socializing The NEW NORMAL ERA Standard Operation Procedures

DISPARBUDPORA.BLITARKAB.GO.ID, Blitar – The preparations of the new normal era for tourism sector in Blitar District continue to be developed.

Currently, the Disparbudpora of Blitar District directly checked the readiness of the destination, and socialized the application of the new productive and safe normal order Covid-19.

The Head of the Blitar District Parbudpora Office, Suhendro Winarso said that the socialization and tourism service development lead up the new normal era. These steps are intend to check the condition and feasibility of each tourist destination in the face of the new normal era.

“So we want to check each attraction directly while keep in touch with managers of tourist attraction, and socialize them concerning the new normal standard operating procedures (SOP). In addition, we are from the department distributed questionnaires to managers to find out the real situation of the attractions in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, ” Suhendro explained, Tuesday (6/16/2020).

According to him, the new normal provision will also change some patterns of tourism as determining how tourists visit tourist destinations. Later on, the tourism businessman and visitors should implement Covid-19 health protocols while in the tourist area.

“This time, we are still in the pre-condition of the new normal era. On the other hand, the Blitar’s regent regulation for the new normal era is still under review. The Blitar’s regent regulation (Perbub) will not only in the tourism sector but in all related sectors such as trade, marketing, and transportation sector. There will also standard operating procedures (SOP) for tourist destinations, culinary, travel and lodging which will be regulated in the Blitar’s regent regulation (Perbub),” he explained.

From the results of checking and socialization, there will be verification from the Government of Parbudpora and Covid-19 Handling Task Force of Blitar District to determine the eligibility in each destination.

narasumber dari disparbudpora dan dinkes kab blitar

“There will be verification from the Government of Parbudpora, Covid-19 Handling Task Force of Blitar District, and the relevant Regional Working Unit (OPD) regarding the feasibility of the destination in accordance to the SOP and Perbub. So each attraction will be required to implement health protocols according to the standard operating procedures (SOP).” Suhendro said.

Suhendro emphasized that the implementation of the new normal era was still in the preparation stage. Right now, the Government of Blitar District continues to strive for the status of the Blitar Regency to become a truly green zone and ready to apply the new normal era according to the central government regulations.

“We do not know when the central government allows Blitar for a new normal era yet. However, we continue to prepare it while encourage public to adopt a healthy lifestyle and continue to follow the advise from the government. If Blitar has obtained permission to do new normal era, then we a compilation will be allowed to be normal and then we are ready.” He said.

Suhedro hopes each tourist attraction will be prepared to face new normal era according to SOP and socialized protocols. The Government of Blitar District wants tourism managers in the new normal era will do not bring up the new cluster of Covid-19.

“We hope in the future we can prepare the tourism sector more carefully and minimize mistakes by applying the steps that we have tried. Hopefully when the tourism sector is running normally, there should be no oblique news for example the new clusters appear from tourist attractions. It is very detrimental. Therefore, we anticipate it in advance.” added Suhendro.

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